When your financial situation may seem overwhelming, we’re here to help.


If you are being sued on a debt, or harassed by debt collectors, we can help. Once you retain our office we will give you the power to make the collection calls stop, and if they don’t, we will fight back against abusive debt collectors. We will also assist you with any pending collection suits.
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Chapter 7

Called the “Fresh Start”, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy eliminates most unsecured debt without the need to repay any of your creditors. However, Chapter 7 is not for everyone, and not everyone qualifies. The first step in determining whether you qualify for Chapter 7 is the “means test.”
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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is not available to businesses and requires a regular source of income to fund a repayment plan; the source can be wages, retirement funds, annuities, or even a third party, such as a family member, making payments. The amount of money that you will pay back depends upon your disposable income.
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The help you need is only a phone call or email away. Contact us to set up a free in-office or telephone consultation, or, if you prefer, take advantage of our Cyberbankruptcy option which allows you to complete the process on-line and via email.
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Ralph Reisinger has more than 30 years of legal experience, first as an attorney working for the Federal Court in Grand Rapids, then as an associate for one of Michigan’s largest Law Firms before becoming a Partner at a mid-size law firm. Since starting his own practice in 2005 Ralph has helped hundreds of people get a fresh start through personal bankruptcy, defended them from overzealous debt collectors, negotiated debt settlements and assisted in managing or discharging their student loans.

I (Ralph Reisinger) am a debt relief agent according to the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. My main job is to help people file for bankruptcy in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Nothing on this site is legal advice. I am not your lawyer unless we both agree in writing that I’m your lawyer.