The old adage is that “nothing is free”. Well, some things are free and all you have to do is ask.


Free Advice & Assistance

For those who don’t want to or can’t afford to retain an attorney, I have created the “Consumers Guide to Collection Lawsuits”. If you have been sued and would like a free copy, just call or email the office and we will send it to you free of charge.

If you are on Social Security, or otherwise uncollectible, we will prepare a personal letter for you to send to your creditors advising them of your situation. Just call or email and the letter will be sent to you.

If you would like to shop around for a Bankruptcy Attorney, there are things you should look for in deciding who to hire. A free copy of “What to Look for in a Bankruptcy Attorney” is yours for the asking.

Finally, if you would like to discuss your situation with an attorney, just call. We will set up a free consultation at one of our offices, or over the phone.